Getting to Know… Genevieve Marchand

Genevieve Marchand is one of two new hires announced by Cossette Media last week (get to know Kim Joubert here), with the 15-year agency veteran being promoted to VP of activation, Quebec and East. We asked her to fill out our “Getting to Know…” questionnaire, and here’s what she told us.

Favourite thing about weekends? As a proud Quebecois, I love to get outdoors and get away from the screens with my family (especially in the winter). In fact, my two daughters both ski competitively, and the whole family is on the mountains before we would normally check into work.

What’s a movie you love that almost nobody else likes? While it may seem a little corny, I absolutely love The Notebook. While I can admit it’s a guilty pleasure, I will also argue that it’s a classic, and will continue watching it at least once a year.

Do you have kids: what are their names? I have two amazing daughters: Sofia is nine years old, and Olivia is five. I call them my rays of sunshine! Sofia is my future entrepreneur, she always has a thousand and one projects to accomplish. Olivia is our comic relief, and loves to make us laugh—and, in all honesty, she is a riot.

Where were you born, and do you think it’s an important part of who you are? I’m from a small town in Quebec called Louiseville, and grew up on a poultry farm with my parents and three siblings. I think it is a very important part of who I am today, as it taught me the importance of family, as well as hard work.

What’s the nicest thing a co-worker has said to you? I am empathic. I think it’s important to have this quality in the advertising/media industry.

Chris Powell