Pinterest boosts storytelling and purchasing power to video

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More than 400 million people come to Pinterest every month to find inspiration to create a life they love. Many Pinterest users, or Pinners, are increasingly finding inspiration on Pinterest by watching videos, the ideal format for creators and advertisers to tell stories and inspire audiences.

In fact, nearly one billion videos are viewed each day on Pinterest, and we’ve seen an increase of +120% in video views year over year.

But Pinners also have a different mindset than users on other platforms. Our audience comes to Pinterest with an open mind and full of intent, so they see video ads as useful content to help them make decisions on their path to purchase.

There are a number of different video formats on Pinterest, ones that extend beyond the standard 30- or six-second ads.

Let’s dive in and learn more about what makes video different on Pinterest, and how to decide which video ad format to use.

Video is different on Pinterest

So what makes video different on Pinterest? Video on Pinterest doesn’t interrupt, it inspires. Pinterest is an inspiration platform, and that means the content on Pinterest helps audiences turn ideas into actions.

Pinterest is continuing to invest in video to provide our users with more dynamic experiences, like how-to tutorials, and more engaging, immersive storytelling from brands.

We’re also taking the first important steps to build a creator ecosystem with our newest format, Idea Pins, so that a new generation of creators can share great content and enrich the lives of Pinners.

That storytelling also has to be paired with an ad  that is actually seen by users to be effective. We conducted research with GroupM and Kantar, and discovered that we have 3x better viewability rates than other social platforms.**

Audiences on Pinterest are different. On Pinterest, audiences engage with ads more than they do elsewhere. On Pinterest, our Pinners see ads as additive to their experience because they are actively looking for ideas about what to do next or what to buy. Ads meet Pinners where they are making a decision. And video supports that journey.

Pinterest’s Video Ad Formats

Pinterest has myriad video ad formats and packages that can be used, depending on the story that brands want to tell. Here’s a rundown of some popular choices:

Idea Ad: This is our newest format, and one that’s getting everyone excited as it performs incredibly well when it comes to awareness and consideration. It’s the ideal way to attract the right audience and take them on a deep dive into a brand story, because it can feature up to 20 pages of video or image content in a single unit. With such length and breadth, it allows brands to really establish their creative voice.


One of the most effective ways to tell your story credibly is to get the experts to tell it. This format relies on trusted, influential creators to bring an idea to life—explaining how they’ve done it and which brands have helped them—which inspires Pinners and naturally increases audience reach.

As an example, Coty Canada teamed with Pinterest to launch the first ever Canadian brand campaign for CoverGirl and Sally Hansen, leveraging creators to turn Idea Pins into ads on the platform. This first-of its-kind beauty brand collaboration used two creators to bring brand messaging to life (see the CoverGirl ad here). These campaigns outperformed engagement rates by more than 30% and had a 50% lower CPV, demonstrating audiences are captivated by video and creators.

Pinterest Premiere 3 Days: This is an exclusive, quick way to scale your reach around peak story moments—like a product launch—and maximize reach and visibility over three days. These can be shared as standard and max.width video ads. Max.width video ads stretch across people’s feeds on mobile, helping your brand stand out even more.

Pinterest Premiere 4 Weeks: Similar to Pinterest Premiere 3 Days, but maintains the spotlight on a brand for longer and keeps exclusivity by only being available to one advertiser at a time in specific categories. These can also be shared as standard and max.width video ads.

And there you have it! Now that you know everything there is to know about video on Pinterest, you are ready to start using them to promote your brand on Pinterest. Ready? Let’s get Pinning! Visit Pinterest Business to learn more.

Azadeh Attar is Head of CPG Partnerships for Pinterest Canada


**(MRC Video View Rate. Viewability benchmark 2020, France)