Jack Astor’s creates a special day for bromance

Who: Jack Astor’s, with The Garden for creative and production.

What: “Palentine’s Day,” a playful, low-budget social campaign that imagines a special day after Valentine’s Day that’s devoted to “bromance.”

When & Where: This is short-term effort, with a video shared on Instagram last week and promoted through paid posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Why: It’s some playful, humorous creative to try and grab some Gen Z attention around Valentine’s Day. Thanks to sitcom Parks & Recreation, Feb. 13 has become known as “Galentine’s Day”—a holiday for women to celebrate their female friendships—in some pop culture and social media circles. The Garden and Jack Astor’s created Palentine’s Day, a cheap and cheerful activation that imagines Feb. 15 as a holiday for guys to express their “platonic love for their bros.”

“With Galentine’s as a much-documented tradition that’s been celebrated on Feb. 13 for over a decade, focusing our Feb. 15 Palentine’s activation specifically on the importance of platonic male friendship is what makes it culturally relevant, talkable, and ownable for Jack’s,” said Anesie Johnson, vice-president of marketing and communications at SirCorp in a release.

How: The key asset here is a social video featuring three best buds—hanging out and doing duuuude things like playing beer pong and video games, while also talking freely and comfortably about their love for one another. “It’s 2022 and, like, time to get progressive,” says one as he puts his arm around one friend. “‘Cause there’s nothing wrong with showing some platonic male love to your best pals.”

The video is decidedly low-fi, with shaky handheld footage and ambient lighting. It has the look, feel and humour of a Saturday Night Live short, but that low-budget vibe was intentional.

“Instead of being constrained by budgets and timelines, we wanted to create nimble content,” said Lindsay Eady, creative director at The Garden. “Social content isn’t entertaining because it’s perfectly lit, coloured and cut. Funny doesn’t need all that lipstick.” The Garden shot the film itself, working with director Clay Stang.

To encourage sharing, people can tag their friends on social for a chance to win a $100 gift card, while “bromantic” dinner orders on Feb. 15 include a beer pong set.

David Brown