Game. Settee. Match. Vector has it in the bag

Couches were absolutely and irrevocably harmed in the making of this campaign. Canadians have spent the better part of two years living as couch potatoes, and Kellogg Canada’s cereal brand Vector is turning our old settees and sectionals into sports bags to celebrate the gradual return of recreational activity.

Working with agency partner Leo Burnett Toronto, Vector created a series of limited-edition sports bags made from leather and fabric taken from actual couches—funky floral patterns and tassels included. There are five bags in total, all related to a specific sport and bearing a furniture-related pun for a name.

The “Socctional” is for, well, soccer players; while the “40-loveseat” is for tennis players; the “Ol’ Leather” is a baseball bag; the “Chestpressterfield” is a gym bag; and the “Slapshottoman” is for hockey players. Kellogg is giving away the bags, all of them filled with Vector cereal, through an online giveaway at

The giveaway is being supported by a video running across online and social, with media by Starcom. “When rec sports got cancelled, we got benched. On the couch,” says an announcer over images of funky-looking couches. As the spot progresses, we see couch fabric cut off and repurposed into the bags. “With pockets for stuff,” adds the voiceover, “and the protein you need to be ready when sports call.”

“People who love Vector crave sports. Being able to get back on the ice, the court or the field is a big moment and we want to support them in making that happen,” said Christine Jakovcic, vice-president of marketing and nutrition at Kellogg.

“With whole grains, vitamins and minerals to provide protein and sustained energy, Vector has always energized Canadians’ passion for an active lifestyle and the Off The Couch Bags are another way we are helping Canadians celebrate the exciting and long-awaited return to sport.”

Just ignore the chip crumbs. And if you find a TV remote, it’s ours.

Chris Powell