Harvey’s has a new Burger Boss

Harvey’s has just made a new addition to its Burger Boss campaign, with a new 30-second spot by Giants & Gentlemen.

Launched last February, the campaign is built around the idea that because Harvey’s lets people choose what’s on their burger, the decision-making power goes to their head in comedic ways.

“This time, a young woman climbs the Harvey’s hierarchical ranks via forklift, thanks to the fact that she topped her Harvey’s burger just the way she wanted—extra Harv sauce—the brand’s new secret house sauce,” says a release from G&G about the new spot, the third in the Burger Boss campaign.

“The hero of the spot can be seen comedically taking charge of an entire warehouse and its employees. The catch is, she’s just a trainee, which has us all wondering—what are they putting in the new Harv sauce? Whatever it is, we’ll follow you anywhere, Burger Boss.”

David Brown