IKEA finds new meaning in ‘Make yourself. At home’

IKEA launched a new TV ad earlier this month inspired by the expression “Make yourself at home.” However, rather than its traditional meaning as a greeting to guests, IKEA’s agency, Rethink, put a period in the expression—Make yourself. At home—to provide a new meaning: People creating who they are, at home.

“We disproportionately celebrate the successes achieved outside the home, but at IKEA, we believe that home is where it all starts,” said the company in a release.” Home is a canvas for our dreams and ambitions.”

A 60-second version of the ad shows how a young girl’s easel and drawing paper lead to her becoming an artist; while a boy with a watering can becomes a gardener; and a reading light unlocks an author.

“We know through our extensive research and experience as a global leader in life at home that home is much more than the four walls of our spaces, it’s a place that shapes who we are and who we can become,” said Johanna Andrén, head of marketing for IKEA Canada.

“It was important for us to produce a campaign that is connected to more than just the functional aspects of IKEA,” she added. “We wanted to connect to the emotional benefits that our brand and products inspire for the many Canadians.”

David Brown