Hask touts its hair care credentials

Who: Haircare brand Hask, with Good&Ready for strategy and creative, Rodeo Productions for production, Married to Giants, Wingman, Alter Ego and Pirate Audio for post, with All Media Boutique for media. Good&Ready won the assignment following what it describes as an “informal” review.

What:“Be Kind to Your Hair,” a new multi-market campaign currently running in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Great Britain.

When & Where: It’s using online video in 30-, 15- and eight-second formats, complemented by out-of-home, social and print ads—including a double-page spread in Allure magazine.

Why: Hask says it has built something of a reputation among celebrity stylists as the go-to brand for repairing hair. According to the Hask website, its products have been used on the set of movies/shows including A Star is Born, Grey’s Anatomy and Crazy Rich Asians. This campaign shows the toll that daily haircare routines can take on hair, while presenting Hask as a solution that’s available to everyone.

How: Over an original song created by Pirate entitled “Treat Me Right,” the 30-second anchor spot features just some of the hardship that hair must endure on a daily basis—not only from grooming, but also activities like sleeping, cooking, pulling on a sweater, etc. “Hair works hard,” says the voiceover. “Be kind to it.”

The accompanying static ads use contrasting words like “Cruel/Kind” and “Vice/Nice” to show how Hask can help undo some of the damage done by everyday hair care. “Shampoo ads conventionally show great-looking hair, but skip over the real life things that damage hair,” said Good&Ready co-founder and creative partner Alan Madill. “The women we are trying to reach are not striving to look runway-ready. For them, healthy hair is great hair.”

And we quote: “It’s always a pleasant surprise for actors and actresses (who can obviously afford any haircare to their liking), to find out that the product their stylist is using can be purchased at any drugstore.” —Samantha Georgakopoulos, senior marketing manager, Inspired Beauty Brands (Hask parent)

Chris Powell