Heinz is still looking for recognition in Hollywood

Just before the 2020 Oscars, Heinz launched a campaign based on the claim that while its iconic ketchup had appeared in hundreds of movies, it never received any recognition for those important supporting roles.

Two years have passed, and Heinz is still looking to be recognized for its contributions to the cinematic arts with #MakeHeinzAnActor.

The conceit behind this one is that Heinz has applied to the actors union to become the first inanimate object to be recognized as an actor, and is therefore eligible for an Oscar of its own.

Heinz claims to have actually submitted the application to “Hollywood’s most prominent union,” but that it did not respond. There are “For your consideration” billboards near the union office in Santa Monica, but this is a social-focused effort on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with people asked to tell the union about their favourite Heinz scenes for a chance to win a special bottle of the ketchup.

“We’re always looking to celebrate the role we’ve cemented as an icon in culture,” said Nina Patel, head of North America brand communications for Kraft Heinz Company, in a release. “Creating a rallying cry for Heinz to be recognized as an actor is about as unexpected as it gets, and only something Heinz could own with its fans.”

The Heinz AORs all worked in this one: Rethink for creative and production, Carat for media, The Kitchen on social, and Middle Child for public relations.

David Brown