Well.ca breathes life into the home in first brand campaign

Who: Well.ca, with Hard Work Club for creative and strategy, production by Circle Productions, with Outsider Editorial, Studio Feather and OSO for post-production, and Media Experts for media.

What: “Let Wellness In,” new advertising for the Canadian online health and wellness products retailer that depicts how wellness can have a magical effect on a home.

When & Where: The ad debuted during the Oscars and will run through the end of the month on TV and online as a :30 and a :15.

Why: The first brand campaign for Well.ca is looking to drive visits to the site and build awareness in the competitive health and wellness category. Launched in Canada, Well.ca was acquired by the McKesson Corp. in 2017, a year after the company acquired Rexall.

“They had primarily relied on lower funnel efforts, like CRM, search and a lot of word of mouth,” said Cameron Stark, Hard Work Club’s partner, growth and operations. “Like almost every ecommerce company, these efforts are getting less and less effective and more expensive, so they saw a need to invest in the brand to more effectively drive people down the funnel and acquire new customers.”

The core message in the campaign is that when delivered to a home, Well.ca products can have a transformative effect for the family within.

How: The ad opens with an expectant mother entering her home with a delivery box from Well.ca. At first the home is grey and dreary, but the well.ca delivery has an immediate effect—with flowers and greenery magically appearing and metaphorically breathing life and colour into the home. The rest of the spot shows the mother and child over the years—from baby, to toddler, to young boy on his bike—all while the vibrant flowers and greenery thrive around them.

“We created a visual metaphor for personal growth, joy and wellness,” said Hard Work Club partner and creative director, Meghan Kraemer, in a release. “Showing that small acts, over time, can make a big impact. We hope the spot resonates with Canadians on a deeply emotional level, encouraging them to visit Well.ca to discover their own ways to let wellness in.”

Production: The ad was shot by director Shaunoh over four days in his own home, using members of his family as the cast. “The goal was to authentically depict the bond between a mother and child, capturing the full spectrum of daily life—from tears and tantrums, to quiet moments at bedtime,” said the release.

And we quote: “We wanted all Canadians—even the way-too-busy ones—to feel like they’re able to let a little wellness into their lives, imagined through our new campaign.” — Stephanie Barrington, VP of marketing, Well.ca

David Brown