Let them watch cake, says Quebec film festival

Quebecers can now have their cake and watch it too. The Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a sumptuous campaign that evokes the internet-meme-turned-Netflix-baking-show “Is it cake?”

Developed by Havas Montréal, the campaign’s creative assets feature well-known Quebec actors Anne Dorval, Rémy Girard, Iannicko N’Doua and Émilie Brière, except they’re all presented in cake form.

“It was definitely a little odd to shoot with actors of their calibre, and then turn them into cakes, but everyone got in on the fun and it made for a delightfully strange atmosphere that will certainly grab people’s attention,” said Havas Montreal art director Félix-Antoine Brunet.

The campaign is led by a video directed by Simon Duhamel of Consulat that depicts the actors as busts being variously covered with icing sugar, having decorative icing added to their shoulder, and even having a blowtorch applied to their skin, er, meringue icing.

The spot concludes with Girard wincing slightly as someone cuts off a chunk of his shoulder and hands it to a film lover, while the voiceover states “40 years of serving up the best of Quebec cinema.”

The spot concludes with the movie patron asking if they have any delicious Roy Dupuis, causing Girard to roll his eyes.

An iconic Quebec actor known for both his good looks and charisma, Dupuis had appeared in previous advertising for Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma. “Our Versailles-style table feels incomplete without the famous Roy… but rest assured that he’s in our thoughts,” said Havas copywriter Vanessa Harbec.

The video is being supported by out-of-home and web banners. Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma runs from April 20-30.

Chris Powell