Tourisme Montréal debuts an overdue campaign about the city’s “vibe”

Who: Tourisme Montréal with lg2, Morrison for production (directed by Iouri Philippe Paille), audio by Circonflex, media by Touché.

What: “Endless Moments to Share,” a new tourism campaign that is more about the “vibe” of the city than specific places to visit.

When & Where: The campaign launched online and in theatres in France last month, is running in the U.S. now, and will launch in Ontario May 16.

Why: With hopes high that pandemic restrictions are going away, and travel feels increasingly safe and less fraught than it has been the past two summers, tourism organizations like Tourisme Montréal are reaching out to welcome back visitors this summer.

This campaign by lg2 was created pre-pandemic, and then shelved when travel was all but prohibited. The original idea behind the campaign was to capture the “energy” of the city and its people, rather than showcase the various popular hot spots typical of most tourism marketing.

“This campaign was supposed to roll out in 2020,” said Marilou Aubin, vice-president, ECD at lg2. “It was already a lovely piece, but it’s even more meaningful today, as Montreal returns to life and we welcome visitors.”

How: The campaign’s anchor piece is a nearly two-minute video comprised of 100 people sharing 100 different experiences around the city, all of them captured at the same time (5 p.m.) on the same day. It’s 100 people, 100 moments, one city.

“The hero video is the core and concept of the campaign, with the intention to sell Montreal through its atmosphere and its unique vibe that makes it so special, rather than focusing on specific landmarks,” said Aubin. Shorter versions of the creative for online, digital out-of-home and wild postings will focus on more specific places and events, such as festivals, dining and other cultural attractions.

“This video of candid moments with Montrealers is like diving into joy,” said Aubin. “The campaign expresses, when words fail, why we all love Montreal so much.”

The music: The start of the video is soundtracked by Montreal composer Alexandra Stréliski playing the piano in Mont Royal Park, before cutting to a more raucous performance by an electro-jazz-hip-hop group at the Village au Pied-du-Courant near the St. Lawrence River.

And we quote: “Montreal’s uniqueness makes it a more attractive destination than ever. This summer will arrive like a breath of fresh air and renewed hope. Montreal is a vibrant city, the sum of all the people who make it so alive. ‘Endless Moments to Share’ is a reflection of all the experiences the city inspires: at once unifying and human.” — Sylvie Charette, chief marketing officer, Tourisme Montréal

David Brown