A new Justin Bieber collab is brewing at Tim Hortons

When you score one of the biggest brand wins of the year, with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and you get the chance for a sequel, you gotta take it.

The special collaboration between Justin Bieber and his favourite coffee chain that produced Timbiebs—three special flavoured Timbits last fall—has led to a new iced coffee, Biebs Brew.

The coffee was announced Tuesday, and is being promoted on social and a special website ahead of its June 6 launch in Canada and the U.S. There’s also a full advertising campaign coming from Gut.

According to a Tim Hortons release, the new brew was developed in “product brainstorms,” during which Bieber shared that he “prefers his coffee on ice.” That led to this new iced coffee, made from 100% ethically sourced premium Arabica beans and slowly cold steeped for 16 hours. And because Bieber likes vanilla flavouring in his coffee, the new Biebs Brew includes a creamy French Vanilla flavour to go with it.

“Timbiebs was a huge success—truly beyond all of our expectations—and what made it so great was the authenticity of the partnership,” said Hope Bagozzi, chief marketing officer for Tim Hortons, in the release.

Speaking with The Message back in November, Bagozzi explained the collaboration came about organically after Bieber complained about new coffee cup lids at Tim Hortons. He hated the lids, but loved the brand, so Tim Hortons reached out to his team and they started talking, which led to them working together to create the limited time Timbiebs.

Bieber was genuinely interested in the entire process of working with Tim Hortons, she said. “[He’s] somebody who loves a brand so much, and was so all-in—he was in on picking the flavours, he was in on the design of the packaging, the box itself,” she said. “He was all-in on the commercial and putting it out there, being excited about it on his social network…  I think the best part of it is a true spirit of us in it together.”

Along with the new coffee, Tim Hortons is also bringing back Timbiebs on June 6, along with a Biebs Brew tumbler, and the Timbiebs merchandise (beanie, fanny pack and tote bag) introduced last fall.

David Brown