Canada Post tells Canadians how it is ‘Delivering More’

Who: Canada Post, with The&Partnership for strategy and creative (Tank for French adaptation), Steam Films for production (directed by Vesa Manninen), Saints Editorial, The Vanity, Shed Montreal, Grayson Music Group and Audio Z for post-production. Media by Touché!

What: “Delivering More,” an integrated campaign that underscores how Canada Post is updating and adapting its business to better serve Canadians. It is the Crown Corporation’s first major ad campaign since its 2020 holiday ad, “There’s Magic in the Mail,” although it did launch a postcard initiative that was an extension of its “Write Here. Write Now” program last year.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running for eights week across TV/online and social. There is a 60-second anchor spot, complemented by two 30-second cutdowns.

Why: Canada Post wants to show Canadians how it is thinking outside the mailbox by changing to meet their needs, with a particular emphasis on its efforts around social and environmental responsibility, and helping communities and small businesses thrive.

The new spot provides examples of how it is being transformed—whether that’s through new products such as the MyMoney Loan service developed in partnership with TD; a commitment to sustainability characterized by its new zero-carbon parcel facility and increased use of hybrid vehicles, or the introduction of a new post office model designed to serve as a community hub in traditionally under-served communities.

“We want to help contribute to a stronger Canada, and the way we’re doing that is making significant investments over the next five years to better serve the needs of Canadians, and Canadian businesses and communities,” said director of advertising, Jennifer Justin. “The emphasis of the spot is to really signal change for Canada Post. We are excited about the number of programs and initiatives that we will be sharing with Canadians in the weeks, months and years to come.”

How: The ad blends live-action and extensive VFX to create a whimsical interpretation of how Canada Post is adapting its business to meet the changing needs of Canadians. “We wanted our messages to land in a serious way, but also an aspirational way,” said Justin.

While the spot gives the impression of being filmed across the country, it was actually shot in and around Toronto at the beginning of the year.

It opens on a shot of what Justin calls “flying letter birds”—a representation of the traditional letter mail that Canadians still tend to associate with the national postal service—flying through the air and into mailboxes of communities across the country, before transitioning to a series of shots that portray the various updates to the company’s business.

And we quote: “This is the just the beginning of this exciting new chapter in Canada Post’s history,” said Justin. “When it comes to serving Canadians, sharing our brand purpose is an important first step, but what really matters is living up to our goals through the actions we take.”

Chris Powell