Telus campaign says neighbourhood internet is slow internet

Who: Telus, with Cossette for strategy and creative, Partners for production (directed by Arno Salters), with Outsider / Feather for editing, Pirate for audio, and Cossette Media for media.

What: “You Deserve,” a new ad campaign for the telco’s internet service, with a focus on speed. What’s that, you say: Don’t they all focus on internet speed? Well yes. But in this campaign, Telus tries to explain why its service in Western Canada is different to that of its competitors.

When & Where: The campaign just launched, running in B.C. and Alberta on TV, online, social and out-of-home until mid-June.

Why: While slow internet has long been a pain point for Canadian consumers, that pain became more acute during the pandemic, when people were doing more online at home. According to Telus and Cossette, many consumers have become indifferent to how they get their internet, making their choice based on price and convenience.

But Telus says it’s different, because it can deliver faster internet to customers in Western Canada through their own fibre cable line running directly to their home. “Most people don’t actually understand the technical infrastructure and technology necessary to connect to the Internet,” said Rob Daintree, director, marketing communications at Telus, in a release.. Unlike other ISPs in Western Canada, Telus customers get their internet directly to their home. “Meaning your internet is for you—no sharing your bandwidth with your neighbours or others in the neighbourhood.”

How: The creative is meant to depict that technical distinction. After opening with a familiar Telus critter—in this case a speedy little humming bird—the spot cuts to live action. It opens on a couple trying to stream a car chase scene on their laptop, but the stream is lagging. The camera then pulls back to reveal a neighbour, who is actually in the same room, trying to stream a video game, and pans around to show another neighbour, also under the same roof, trying to stream a dance lesson, and so on.

“Some things you shouldn’t have to share with your neighbours,” says the voiceover. “You deserve your own internet.”

And we quote: “Our goal was to create something that explained the technology in a way that was relatable and memorable. Introducing live action alongside Telus’ iconic brand assets allowed us to tell this story in a human way that consumers can relate to. It’s different, but it still feels very true to Telus.” —Jacob Greer, group creative director, Cossette

David Brown