A fresh coat of paint for Belgian Moon

Belgian Moon prides itself on being a “refreshingly bright, well-crafted beer,” and it has now applied that aesthetic to a new line of paints inspired by brand elements such as the colour of its wheat beer, the blue of its cans, and the orange of its recommended garnish.

With Canadians slowly returning to work after two years, the Molson Coors Canada brand says its “Undrinkable Pints” are designed to help people reclaim and refresh the home spaces that served as work spaces during the pandemic (although at just 475ml per can, its coverage is best suited to small spaces).

Developed in partnership with colour therapist Walaa Al Muhaiteeb, the paints feature names like Orbit Yellow, Valencia Orange, Lunar Blue and Golden Wheat. Each is designed to elicit a specific response: Orbit Yellow can “inspire bolder feelings of courage and adventure,” for example, while Lunar Blue represents optimism, hope, and tranquility.

Belgian Moon created more than 100 six-packs of “Undrinkable Pints,” and has been sending them to influencers such as Josh Boettcher (@itsjosheats), Faël Loreen François and Narcity Canada. It is also posting videos and images to its own Instagram and Pinterest channels.

Belgian Moon brand manager Sarah Robson said the campaign is designed to emphasize Belgian Moon’s positioning as a “refreshingly bright, well-crafted beer,” while increasing brand awareness among prospective customers. “To help differentiate Belgian Moon from its competitors, we made sure we highlighted our commitment to jolting Canadians out of the everyday grey—something we were able to effectively showcase visually due to the campaign’s focus on colour,” she said.

Citizen Relations led creative and PR for the campaign, with Wavemaker for media and Volt for social.

Chris Powell