nabs introduces four cornerstones to improve DEI in Canadian advertising

Canadian advertising’s wellness and support charity, nabs, has taken new action to support organizations looking to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in their workplaces.

“Since the murder of George Floyd, organizations in our industry have made concerted efforts to make DEI an integral part of their operations,” said Sunil Sekhar, a member of the nabs board of directors and vice-president of human resources at FCB Canada. “The opportunity for nabs is to provide individuals and organizations with resources to continue this momentum and elevate our entire industry.”

The organization has introduced four new “cornerstones” to support those committed to DEI in Canada.

  • Led by nabs partners LifeSpeak, a DEI learning hub at the nabs site offers direction and advice to build healthier cultures and develop the business case for DEI;
  • New career support programs for new Canadians and international students hoping to find work in Canada;
  • Additional learning sessions and support specifically for DEI practitioners in “remote settings”; and
  • A DEI community page at the nabs website with a variety of tools and resources to advance DEI initiatives.

“nabs is committed to supporting the industry with intentional inclusion through educational resources, mental health support personalized to marginalized communities, supporting leaders of organizations, and helping talent diversity efforts,” said Sekhar.

Nabs is hosting two information sessions for HR and DEI leaders, one this Friday (registration here) and another on Monday, June 13 (registration here).

David Brown