Bonterra launches with an upbeat message of working together to save the planet

Who: Kruger Products (Bonterra) with Broken Heart Love Affair for strategy and creative; Frank Content for production (directed by Kinopravda); Saints Editorial and Darling for post-production; OSO for audio; Wavemaker for media; and North Strategic for PR.

What: “We’re Good Together,” a launch spot for Bonterra, Kruger’s new, more sustainable paper products line of tissues, paper towel and toilet paper.

When & Where: The campaign launched at the beginning of the month with an energetic 30-second TV spot that is also running as a :15. There’s also in-store, digital, out-of-home and PR support.

Why: In late February, Kruger introduced Bonterra as a more environmentally friendly brand—made from 100% recycled paper and sold in plastic-free packaging.

“[W] e wanted to develop a unique brand that is sustainably focused and speaks to [Canadian consumer] needs,” said Susan Irving, Kruger’s chief marketing officer, in a release announcing the new brand. “By supporting Bonterra, shoppers will know they’re making a contribution to the protection of our planet. Collectively, we can make a difference. We just have to take that first step together.”

How: The launch campaign is anchored by a 30-second TV spot (see the longer 50-second version below), that instantly evokes environmental anxieties, with the opening shot of an old plastic bottle floating underwater. But from there, the rest of the ad has an upbeat, hopeful tone, showing the ways people making small changes can have big impact. Shots of people choosing Bonterra paper fit in between those of people recycling and planting trees.

“This can, of course, feel like a heavy topic, but we want to bring levity to the category to remind people that the little things we do for the planet multiply when we all do them together,” said Shannon McCarroll, creative director, Broken Heart Love Affair.

The music: The agency worked with audio house OSO to write and create an original piece of music for the spot, which it described as an “energetic and undeniably positive track that speaks to the power of togetherness.” 

And we quote: “We approached our marketing campaign for Bonterra with the belief that together, our small actions can have a big impact,” said Irving. “The creative demonstrates just how powerful small, simple actions can be when we all pitch in. We’re excited for consumers to see our launch spot and feel empowered to make a difference for a better planet.”

David Brown