Co-operators thinks small in latest campaign

Who: Co-operators Group Limited, with Huge Canada for creative and strategy, Epitaph Group for media.

What: A new campaign that builds on last year’s “The <Your Name Here> Plan,” which accompanied the company’s first major rebrand in more than 40 years. The emphasis this time around is on the company’s home and auto insurance products.

When & Where: The national campaign launched last month and runs through the end of June before being rebooted in the fall. It kicked off with 30- and 20-second radio ads, followed by paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. The ads are also appearing across Co-operators’ owned and operated assets, including its website and social channels, as well as in-branch materials.

Why: Co-operators’ stated objective here is a not uncommon marketing goal: Differentiating the company and products in what it describes as an “extremely saturated” market.

It is, however, going about it in a distinctive manner. “This campaign is unlike anything that we’ve ever brought to market before,” said VP of marketing and communications, Cindy Wong.

According to Co-operators, the strategy is rooted in the company’s personalized approach to advice and services and commitment to claims.

“For Co-operators, it’s about providing coverage with peace of mind that Co-operators is there when customers need them the most, including before, during, and after the fact,” it said in a release.

How: The campaign is built around standard insurance advertising visuals, showing homes and cars damaged by a combination of factors. There is, however, a (literal) small twist.

Working with Toronto artist and commercial photographer Hamin Lee, Co-operators and Huge created dioramas in which model cars and homes have been damaged by ordinary everyday items including pine cones, a fan, a runaway donut hole and a slushee. The ads conclude with supers including “Your home is a big deal. To us too” and “We care. So we’re there.”

And we quote: “Huge and Hamin Lee really hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s thoughtful, creative, progressive, and accurately reflects our values and products here at Co-operators while incorporating just the right amount of wit. It’s refreshing to see something of this nature in our industry, and it allows us to stand out in a highly concentrated market.” — Cindy Wong, VP, marketing and communications, Co-operators


Chris Powell