Coors Light touts its ‘unofficial’ summer cred

Who: Molson-Coors (Coors Light), with Mischief @ No Fixed Address for strategy and creative, Wavemaker for media.

What: “The Official Beer of Everything Unofficial,” a new North American summer campaign residing under its two-year-old “Made to Chill” brand platform.

When & Where: The campaign broke last week, running in both the U.S. and Canada through early September. It includes a significant TV buy (including placement in shows including America’s Got Talent and The Bachelorette), localized billboards including takeovers of Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square and Union Square, online video, digital display, social and partnerships with companies including Twitch and Narcity.

Why: Samira Amin, senior marketing manager for the Coors family of brands at Molson Coors Canada, said that the goal is to drive consideration of Coors Light, specifically among those from legal drinking age to 34.

“A brand like Coors Light is healthy on awareness, and the extent of our media buy will continue to maintain that, though our objective with our messaging and targeting is to get younger legal drinking aged consumers further down the purchase funnel and to choose a Coors Light when it’s time to chill,” said Amin.

How: The creative builds on previous summer campaigns that have positioned the beer as the official beer of everything from “…fishing/golfing just to get outside to “…being done wearing a bra.”

This time, the creative is touting Coors Light as the official bear of “unofficial” summer moments, showing how a sprinkler can actually be an unofficial water park, how you can have front-row seats at a ball game until someone notices, and putting your head in a beer cooler qualifies as unofficial air conditioning.

The video creative will be supported by localized out-of-home in markets including Toronto, Halifax, and Edmonton with messages including “Officially it’s citadel hill. Unofficially it’s the best view in town” and “Officially it’s Edmonton. Unofficially, it’s the festival city.”

Mischief @ No Fixed Address made its debut on the Molson Coors business last year, with a campaign for Miller Genuine Draft informing viewers that the so-called “beer’s beer” was launching a seltzer, before revealing that it was actually launching a seltzer into space.

And we quote: “The ‘Made to Chill’ platform has resonated with consumers in many ways, whether it’s the moment of relief when you get home after a long day, unclip your bra, and crack open a Coors Light, or when you hit send on a resignation email and it’s time to unwind with a Coors Light after a tense moment. Over the last two years especially, Coors Light has shown up in these ‘I see you’ moments for our consumers and it has been paying off.” — Samira Amin, senior marketing manager, Coors family of brands, Molson Coors Canada

Chris Powell