Just two Canadian entries make Film shortlist in Cannes

While Canada has been enjoying a strong week in Cannes, it had just two entries on the always highly anticipated Film shortlist, and none on the Sustainable Development Goals list, both of which were released early Thursday morning.

After already winning two Golds this week, Rethink’s “Draw Ketchup” for Kraft Heinz is on the Film list, as is “Day After Day” from Bensimon Byrne and White Ribbon, which won a Bronze in Film Craft on Tuesday.

As it usually the case, Film was the International Festival of Creativity’s most entered competition, with 2,028 submissions this year (the Direct Lions were next with 1,931 entries). However, with 55 submissions, it was just the fifth most entered from Canada, behind Design (61 entries), Direct (59), Health & Wellness (74), and Media (63).

Still, the Film list will be a disappointment to many Canadian creatives, producers and marketers. Of the 2,028 Film entries, 198 made the shortlist, about 9.8% of all entries, compared to just 3.6% of Canadian entries.

In 2019, 11 Canadian entries were shortlisted, though none won a Lion; last year, Canada won seven Film Lions.

Meanwhile, in the Sustainable Development Goal Lions, which must demonstrate how work contributes to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, there were 19 Canadian submissions. There were 618 submissions to the competition in total, with 59 making the shortlist.

The Film and Sustainable Development Goal Lion winners will be announced at the final awards show of the Festival on Friday night.


David Brown