With ‘Wisely Done,’ Wiser’s targets those who follow their own path

Who: Corby Spirit (J.P. Wiser’s brand) with Ogilvy Canada for strategy and creative; Revolver Films for production (Scott Cudmore directing); School Editing and The Vanity for post; Grayson Matthews for audio. Wavemaker for media.

What: “Wisely Done,” a new brand campaign positioning Wiser’s as the spirit of choice for those who follow their own path, rather than current trends.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running across TV, online video and out-of-home.

Why: The brand specifically wants to attract people who drink rival whisky brands, or even drinkers from outside the category. People who drink Wiser’s love it, but the goal is to make it a brand that people are talking about again, said Cory Owens, senior brand manager, J.P. Wiser’s. 

“We’ll measure awareness, purchase intent, sales, and all that good stuff, but this campaign is really about just getting people to notice our brand, for our message to resonate with them, and to cut through the tropes and sea-of-sameness of the current whisky ad world,” said Owens.

“We’re talking to the down-to-earth people. Those who care about genuine relationships and values,” he added. “Those people who are not caught up in the latest trends, the pretence of the social media, and the superficial world.” 

How: The campaign is anchored by a 60-second video entitled “The Beat.” It opens on a mechanic in an auto repair shop at the end of the day. The Fatboy Slim song “Praise You” is playing on the 80s-era boombox, and he turns up the volume and begins dancing along, playing the song’s beat on various objects like tires, car lifts, etc. He’s momentarily embarrassed when he encounters his co-workers, although not enough to stop dancing.

The out-of-home ads similarly nod to individuals who are true to themselves and refuse to bow to trends, with messages including “You ate your food without posting a pic,” “The only approval you need is a nod in the mirror,” and “Like what you like because you actually like it.”

The brand is all about staying true to themselves, being genuine, and not trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what they should be,” said Noah Feferman, group creative director at Ogilvy Canada. “From there, it made sense that if JP Wiser’s represents those values, we should recognize and congratulate those who have decided to seek validation from themselves instead of others.Wisely Done’ naturally came out of the creative exploration and became a fitting way to acknowledge that recognition.” 

And we quote: “We’ve all been in that situation where we’re performing for ourselves and only ourselves: Drumming with our fingers, singing to a song on the radio in private, trying to nail a song on guitar. In those moments, it’s all about ourselves and not anyone else. In this spot we’re telling that story, about someone who is doing something for themselves.” —Cory Owens, senior brand manager, J.P. Wiser’s

Chris Powell