Pineapple on pizza is a choice, but not one Favuzzi would make

Favuzzi, the fast-growing Canadian importer of high-quality artisanal Italian food products, has launched its first advertising campaign.

Running on TV and online video, as well as out-of-home, print, and digital, the campaign’s key message is that Favuzzi carefully selects its products from the best artisans in Italy, and they deserve to be treated well.

The creative by Rethink “pokes fun at the differences between Italian artisans and Canadian cooking enthusiasts,” said a release.

In one TV spot, Italian sauce makers are shocked to see a Canadian adding pineapple to a pizza made with their sauce; in another, two pasta makers are amazed when a woman breaks her dry pasta noodles before adding them to the pot.

“Italians are purists when it comes to the ‘real’ way of cooking food,” said Rethink creative director Geneviève Jannelle in the release. “And Favuzzi is the pinnacle of Italian authenticity. Products of this calibre cannot be treated just any old way.”

The campaign launched in the Greater Montreal area, but is being rolled out to select markets across Canada.

David Brown