Sleep Country takes its in-store experience to an app

As part of its efforts to be known as more than just a mattress retailer, Sleep Country Canada has introduced a new app designed to provide users with better sleep habits.

Developed with virtual sleep clinic Haleo, “All for Sleep” provides tools including a sleep tracker, as well as information and resources, including access to insomnia treatment through Haleo.

The app reflects the company’s roughly two-year journey to strategically reposition the brand, said Jean Vashisht,  director of sleep wellness strategy.

Sleep Country became famous for mattresses thanks to Canadian marketing legend Christine Magee and the iconic jingle that asked “Why buy a mattress anywhere else?” But it wants to be known more as a sleep service provider, with mattresses just one part of the offering.

“Mattresses are a product that we sell, but really what we do is help people sleep better. And the app begins to bring that to life,” said Vashisht.

One of the unique challenges of brand building and customer connection in a retail category like sleep is that—if it’s only about mattresses—it could be years between visits, she said. “How do you engage, or how do you potentially get the consideration of a visit in between these huge purchases?” The app is a way to stay connected to customers and potential customers beyond those times when they need to buy a mattress.

It also comes at a time when many people have become much more aware of the importance of good sleep to overall health and wellness, she said. That interest has also meant a surge in sleep and related wellness apps

The difference with All for Sleep is that it was designed to “manifest” Sleep Country’s retail experience and expertise, she said.

Sleep Country calls its staff “sleep experts,” and provides considerable training to ensure they are in fact sleep experts. “Now you can take the sleep expertise in the palm of your hand,” said Vashisht.

“As we continue our digital transformation, our All For Sleep app establishes an incredible foundation that connects our ecosystem of innovative sleep solutions and services, and takes our sleep expertise and customer experience to a whole new level,” said Sleep Country president and CEO Stewart Schaefer in a release introducing the app.

In terms of functionality and design, the app is also meant to stand out by providing a wide range of resources and information to help people understand how they are sleeping now, and to develop a plan leading to better sleep.

Meditation apps are not specifically designed to help with sleep, and sleep tracking apps don’t provide the same kind of actionable information All for Sleep provides, said Vashisht. “We offer everything no matter where you are in the continuum of your sleep journey.”

The app is in available now for free, and a targeted marketing push with digital ads, in-store signage will be rolling out soon. Sleep Country staff will also be recommending the app.






David Brown