Getting to know… Hanna Bratt

In a little more than a year-and-a-half, Toronto agency Angry Butterfly has grown to 25 people after a handful of new additions. They include Hanna Bratt as vice-president, head of production, a title she most recently held at The&Partnership.

“With the growth we’ve experienced and our ever-increasing production needs, it was time to hire someone in this role, and we were thrilled to get Hanna,” said agency partner and CCO Erin Kawalecki. “She has a combination of optimism, pragmatism, skill and intelligence that means she is always willing to try new things and find a way to get something done if it’s in service of great work.”

We asked Hanna if she’d tell us more about herself by answering some of our “Getting to Know” questions.

Favourite thing about weekends? Gardening and drinking coffee, see below.

Are you a morning person? What time do you set your alarm for? What time do you actually get up? I am! I love coffee more than anything. I get up at 5:50 or earlier, quickly finding my way down to the kitchen. I also like to work a bit before the rest of the family get up.

Do you have pets: what are their names? Not at the moment, but a family dog is far overdue to enter our lives very soon!

Most important person in your life outside work? My partner and kid (that’s Bratt and her son on a rollercoaster in Copenhagen).

What did you want to be when you grew up? Work with animals, and ironically I have spent the last three years doing just that, via advertising for Telus. At Angry Butterfly, I hope to see a few cows from time-to-time while working on Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Where were you born and do you think it’s an important part of who you are? Absolutely! I was born in Stockholm, Sweden. That’s were I grew up. I spent a bit of time in Australia and now have been in Canada for last 20 years. I’m one of those annoying foreigners that still say, “Back home we always…” lol.

David Brown