An inflation-proof pizza deal from Pizza Pizza

Who: Pizza Pizza, with Zulu Alpha Kilo for strategy and creative, spPR for PR, and Media Experts for media.

What: “Fixed-Rate Pizza,” a playful but likely resonant idea that lets pizza lovers lock-in the price of extra-large pizza for one year, at a time when supply chain problems and inflation are causing consumer anxiety and rising prices.

When & Where: People can sign-up for the deal at the Pizza Pizza site, and there’s a special campaign URL, Advertising will run as YouTube pre-roll, along with programmatic display, digital OOH and connected TV.

Why: Inflation and rising food prices has been one of the biggest, most talked about stories of the year. Zulu Alpha Kilo and Pizza Pizza found a way to join the conversation in a playful, feel-good fashion.

Guaranteeing anyone who signs up that they will get their favourite four-topping pizza at the same price, $16.99, for one full year, arose out of a new platform introduced by ZAK called “Everyone Deserves Pizza.” The platform asserts that everyone has the right to pizzas that “suit their tastes, price point, delivery method and location.”

“As Canada’s ubiquitous pizza brand, it felt right to take a category level stance like ‘Everyone Deserves Pizza,’” said Pizza Pizza’s vice-president of marketing, Adrian Fuoco, in a release introducing the new campaign. ”Fixed-Rate Pizza is the perfect demonstration of our willingness to ensure everyone can have pizza, while staying true to our fun and accessible brand personality.”

The platform is intended to be meaningful for all Canadians, “no matter their walk of life,” Fuoco told The Message. “That said, we see a lot of traffic from young families who would be feeling a lot of the brunt from rising inflation rates, making this program all the more relevant.”

How: The site and creative adapts language from the mortgage industry to suggest people “lock in now,” while social posts make slightly cheekier declarations, such as “Inflation, eat this.” Video advertising relies on simple graphics, copy and animations to deliver the message.

“The idea of Fixed-Rate Pizza was so strong it instantly grabbed our attention when the Zulu team first brought it forward,” said Fuoco. “We wanted to keep the creative playful, yet impactful, so the idea can really shine. Something this clear and enticing doesn’t require a lot of bells and whistles in order for our message to hit home.”

And we quote: “Pizza Pizza is in a unique position to be real with Canadians, but in a way that shows we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Fixed-Rate Pizza’s cultural relevance makes it the perfect jumping off point for the new brand platform, a tangible demonstration of our promise that Everyone Deserves Pizza.” — Brian Murray, executive creative director, Zulu Alpha Kilo

David Brown