UM cleans up for Impact Day

Despite the continuing unease and uncertainty about Covid, we know businesses and organizations across the industry have been trying to resume some of the summer fun and games that were—for the most part—put on hold the past couple of years. And we’re here for it.

Parties, golf tournaments, charity events (see below) softball games, BBQs, squid games, whatever… we’re just glad to hear people are getting together to do stuff in person. And now we want you to tell us about those overdue get-togethers and we want to see the proof. Pics or it didn’t happen, as they say.

Drop us a note ( or to tell us what’s up, or even what was up earlier this summer. Include a few lines explaining what happened, when and where, and most importantly, send us some good photos.

We’re starting today with a day out / good cause event from UM.

On July 21, UM Canada employees took part in UM’s global impact day to give back to local communities with the goal of making a positive impact on the world.

This is year five for Impact Day, but the past two years were virtual affairs. For 2022, UM’s staff got together in-person to clean up David Crombie Park in downtown Toronto. The time spent cleaning up the park was rewarded by some of UM’s media partners, which donated $250,000 worth of media to support BIPOC-owned businesses.

“We are so pleased that we’ve been able to grow and expand our initiative supporting the BIPOC-business community,” says UM Canada CEO Shelley Smit (right). “As we continue to face issues around social inequity and racial justice, caring for our communities is more essential than ever. The team is very proud to be able to give back with an effort that has a lasting impact.”



David Brown