Domino’s puts ‘Pizza over Everything’

Who: Domino’s Pizza of Canada, with lg2 for strategy and creative, DHOC Content for production; Saints Editorial, Darling, Fort York VFX and Eggplant for post-production. Genuine Media for offline media, Bounteous for digital media.

What: “Pizza Over Everything,” a new campaign that declares Domino’s commitment to getting customers a great-tasting pizza quickly. It’s the first work from lg2 since winning the business last month, and the global pizza brand’s first made-in-Canada creative in some time.

When & Where: The bilingual campaign is in market now, led by a broadcast spot complemented by digital and social elements, with out-of-home to follow.

Why: The campaign is intended to demonstrate Domino’s commitment to over-delivering, alluding to factors such as hand-crafted and fresh ingredients, but with an emphasis on the speedy delivery that has long been one of its hallmarks.

The company introduced the “A half hour or a half dollar off” promise in the mid-1970s, which was followed by the 30-minutes or less guarantee in 1979, basically making the industry standard. The chain also holds an annual World’s Fastest Pizza Maker competition that is open to employees from stores around the world.

The campaign also seems to signal the adoption of more made-in-Canada marketing for the company. “To continue Domino’s growth and lead as the number one QSR pizza brand in Canada, we recognized that to create even greater emotional relevance with Canadians, we needed to find a way to communicate our passion for pizza in a way that resonates here,” said chief marketing officer Ken Harrison. “We’re really excited about what we’re launching with, and Canadians can expect Domino’s to continue to do whatever it takes to prove that we put pizza over everything here in Canada, every day.”

How: The TV spot opens on a Domino’s driver literally arriving at a fork in the road. To his left lies a bucolic route with mountains and streams and people riding a tandem bike.

However, his GPS system informs him that he can shave 26 seconds off his travel time by turning right onto a road that runs through a desolate hellscape. Naturally, he chooses the more arduous route because, well, “Pizza Over Everything.” The planned out-of-home ads feature  messages such as “Delivered by Domino’s over delivered by who knows,” and “Handmade over premade.”

And we quote: “We are thrilled to speak directly to Canadians in this campaign so we’re leaning into what sets us apart—going out of our way to deliver a better pizza experience for our customers through made-to-order pizzas with fresh, hand-crafted dough, fresh ingredients and reinforcing that only Domino’s delivers Domino’s.” — Ken Harrison, chief marketing officer, Domino’s Pizza of Canada

Chris Powell