IKEA launches The Office Home collection

IKEA introduced its iconic Poäng chair in 1976, and it has gone on to become one of its top-selling products since then, with more than 1.5 million sold every year.

It’s a staple of homes around the world, fêted by the likes of Architectural Digest and even earning its own Wikipedia page. But now the furniture retailer is taking a decidedly tongue-in-cheek approach to a potential new venue for the chair: the office.

The Poäng is the star of a very much tongue-in-cheek “collection” introduced by IKEA Canada this week called The Office Home.

The percentage of Canadians working entirely from home has steadily decreased as the worst of the pandemic has passed, with many people now back in an office environment or utilizing a hybrid approach.

But IKEA knows that many Canadians might be missing some of the comforts of home now that they’re back at the office, so it’s inviting them to spruce up their work station with the new collection—which it describes as “a carefully curated selection of IKEA products perfect for giving your workspace a touch of home.”

In addition to the Poäng, the collection consists of a Plufsig folding gym mat for “mid-day meditation,” and Skovelsjön slippers “for a comfortable return,” as well as items including a Tackan soap (or hand sanitizer) dispenser, a Lättbakad cooling rack (presumably for your sourdough) and a Symfonisk wi-fi speaker.

“For many, working from home has been a great comfort, working in our own spaces, enjoying the feeling of home during the workday and for many families and caregivers, a solution to competing responsibilities that has enabled a balanced schedule and a more balanced life,” said IKEA in a release announcing the collection.

It is being promoted through a social campaign from Dentsu Creative showing some of the items being put to use in an office environment.

It’s all a bit of goofy fun from a brand that has embraced the playful in recent years. And it’s a lot better than mocking people for returning to the office, right Oxford Properties?

Chris Powell