Pizza pie charts show that ‘Everyone deserves pizza’

Who: Pizza Pizza, with Zulu Alpha Kilo for creative and strategy, Media Experts for media, and The French Shop for Quebec.

What: A new campaign that uses playful headlines with pizza pie charts to show how Pizza Pizza has the right pizza for anyone.

When & Where: The campaign launched late last month, and is running nationally across out-of-home and online/social.

What: This is the second campaign on the “Everyone Deserves Pizza” platform, which is built around the brand belief that everyone has the right to pizzas that “suit their tastes, price point, delivery method and location.” The platform launched last month with “Fixed-Rate Pizza,” which let consumers lock in the price of their pizza for a year at Pizza Pizza, even if inflation is causing the prices of most things to go up.

The pizza pie charts retain a similarly playful spirit, while still showing that Pizza Pizza is for everyone. “As the brand that aims to represent all Canadians’ pizza-related wants and needs, the pizza pie charts are the perfect demonstration of our commitment,” said vice-president of marketing Adrian Fuoco in a release. “At the same time, we wanted to stay true to our brand personality and bring some levity to Canadians.”

How: More than 60 different executions with contextual headlines and pie charts relevant to the location of the ad: A streetcar wrap features a pie chart about riders going home, riders going to work and riders going to sleep. The pie chart on a billboard in Toronto’s Dundas Square compares pedestrians to preachers at the always busy intersection of Yonge and Dundas.

Along side each chart, is the tagline to make the point that no matter how different people are in some ways, “Everyone Deserves Pizza.”

And we quote: “The ‘pizza pie chart’ executional device is simple, fun, versatile, and very product-forward. Using contextually relevant headlines demonstrates Pizza Pizza’s understanding of Canadians in a playful but insightful way.”—Brian Murray, executive creative director, Zulu Alpha Kilo

David Brown