Anomaly launches very believe-able brand platform for Capital One

Who: Capital One Canada, with Anomaly for strategy and creative, media by Jungle Media, and FleishmanHillard HighRoad for PR.

What: “You’ve Got This, We’ve Got You,” the launch campaign for a new brand platform built around the idea that the word credit is from the Latin word “creditis,” meaning “to believe.” According to Capital One, belief means greater financial opportunity for its customers.

When & Where: The campaign is live now running across online video, social media, radio and podcasts, with outdoor (billboards and transit).

Why: The intent is to show that Capital One understands the lives—the challenges, hopes and dreams—of those Canadians who are building or rebuilding their credit, or have had difficulties getting credit in Canada.

As a brand platform and tagline, “You’ve got this. We’ve got you,” is an expression of Capital One’s commitment to provide products and services to help those consumers, and to be “in their corner” to support them along the way.

“Our customers are more than a credit score,” said Becca Mintz, vice-president at Capital One Canada, in a release. “They have different lived experiences and different goals, and credit is so important in helping them get there. From renting a new apartment to leasing a car, Capital One Canada knows that we can help Canadians have a better relationship with credit.”

How: The launch spot opens with a voiceover asking, “What do you see, when you see you?” to introduce the message that whatever things people believe can happen for them—getting their own place, buying a car, having kids—Capital One believes they can happen too, and will help them develop the credit to make it possible. “If you believe it, we believe it too,” says the VO, before explaining that credit means “to believe.”

“The work we created gives us a glimpse into the lives of real people simply trying to get ahead and the importance of knowing that someone is in your corner,” said Anomaly partner and president Candace Borland. Anomaly presented this brand repositioning as part of its successful pitch to win the account early last year.

The “We’ve got you…” positioning and tagline introduced in the hero spot has also been extended into more product-specific mid-funnel creative executions, all of which open with the “What do you see when you see you” rhetorical device.

In terms of media, Capital One said it is targeting based on lifestyle and demographics rather than age, because Canadians of all ages can be looking to “build or rebuild their credit.”

And we quote: “The new positioning isn’t about a fancy purchase or a big, expensive trip, it’s about real people getting a shot with a financial institution, believing in those that others might not.” —Candace Borland, partner and president, Anomaly Toronto

David Brown