Canac shows how its low prices can have unexpected results

Who: Canac, with lg2 for strategy and creative, Nova Film for production (directed by François Lallier), Studio Element for editing, Circonflex for sound, and Médialliance for media.

What: “Canac Truly Helps,” a new fall campaign for the Quebec City-based hardware retailer, which was founded in 1875 and now boasts 31 stores across the province.

When & Where: The Quebec campaign launched on Sept. 5 and runs through Oct. 16 across TV, radio and out-of-home.

Why: The goal is to demonstrate how Canac helps its customers through a winning combination of solid advice, personalized service and competitive prices, with a particular emphasis on the latter.

How: The campaign is anchored by a pair of 30-second spots, “Basement” and “Bathroom,” that humorously show how Canac’s low prices can bring about unexpected circumstances.

In “Basement,” a woman explains how Canac’s low prices not only allowed her to finish her basement, but also build a karate dojo—where she becomes proficient enough to knock out a would-be robber. He turns out to be so attractive that it leads to love and marriage. The ceremony sees him present her with eight rings, one of which looks a lot like the neighbour’s.

In “Bathroom,” a man explains how Canac’s low prices enabled him to build a more luxurious bathroom than he’d expected. He gratefully sinks into a deep tub, where not even a litany of bad news—his child breaking the aquarium, a neighbour backing into his trailer, his wife informing him that she’s leaving him for the neighbour—can spoil his bliss.

Chris Powell