More smashing creative from Alberta Milk

Alberta Milk recently served up a new wave of creative for its “Smash Milk” campaign, which launched in January.

Like seemingly all dairy marketers, Alberta Milk is working hard to reverse the millennial and Gen Z trend towards dairy alternatives.

“Plant-based beverages are certainly cutting into dairy’s market share,” said Karlee Conway, Alberta Milk’s marketing and communications manager, when the campaign launched.

Developed by Venturepark, “Smash Milk” was meant to smash the “traditional connotations” of dairy, presenting dairy options beyond a glass of milk in an upbeat and energetic fashion.

The new flight of ads retains that same strategic intent, but puts an emphasis on the ways dairy can provide a much-needed energy boost.

Digital displays and outdoor creative shows various dairy treats in boxes with glass covers (like old-school fire alarm boxes) that say “smash in case of…”  For an ice cream sundae, for example, it’s “smash in case of too hot.” For a large dish of nachos, it’s “Smash in case of sharesies.”

A TV spot depicts a common source of office worker frustration—a co-worker who can’t figure out that they’re on mute—with a glass of milky ice coffee in the box, accompanied by the message “Smash in case of job stuff.”

David Brown