BCLC wants British Columbians to PlayNow

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is running a new campaign to remind people across the province why its PlayNow.com online gambling site is the best option.

While British Columbians have been deluged with ads for other online gambling sites, only PlayNow.com is legal and gives back to BC.

“PlayNow.com is the only legal and regulated gambling site in B.C.,” said Laura Piva-Babcock, BCLC’s director of communications and government relations, in a release. “And just as important, all the profits go back to B.C. to support things we all rely on, like healthcare, education and community programs.”

The campaign by One Twenty Three West is anchored by a TV spot featuring a wide cast of British Columbians explaining why choosing to play on PlayNow.com is the smart choice for all of the province.

“We’re proud British Columbians and we want locals to feel good about choosing to play on PlayNow.com,” said Bryan Collins, founder and executive creative director at the agency. “And they should, because all of us stand to benefit.”

David Brown