Fountain Tire sides with customer service

Who: Fountain Tire, with FCB for strategy and creative, Guru for media.

What: A new brand platform that uses a sidecar as a visual demonstration of the brand promise: “We’re On This Road Together.”

When & Where: The campaign launched Monday (Sept. 19) and will run through the end of the year on TV, online video and social posts.

Why: Fountain Tire has been focused on reminding consumers that its tagline of “We’re On This Road Together” means they can be trusted to help customers feel comfortable with the often-daunting prospect of automotive service and repair.

In part, this stems from the way the business is structured: Each location has part ownership in the business, so local managers are invested in customer relationships—meaning that “We’re on this road together” is both a tagline and a working philosophy.

That’s been the focus of the past two campaigns (here and here), and this new platform is a visual demonstration of that commitment.

“As a brand built on partnership, Fountain Tire has an opportunity to answer this consumer need by truly showcasing our partnership approach of being on the road with all our customers,” said Denise Gohl-Eacrett, director brand and customer experience. ”Our new platform brings our positioning—We’re on this road together, so you’re never on your own—to life in a distinct and memorable way.”

How: The new visual symbol for the brand is a sidecar, but instead of being attached to a motorcycle, as sidecars usually are, this one rides alongside a wide range of vehicles to show that Fountain Tire is right beside its customers no matter what.

The launch spot features an eager and enthusiastic Fountain Tire associate seated in the sidecar attached to a family sedan.

“When we say ‘We’re on this road together,’ we’re talking any road,” she says, followed by a series of increasingly outlandish scenarios where the sidecar and the associate are riding alongside a Fountain Tire customer, from an off-roading pickup, to a plow and a tractor working the fields, where she swallows a bug and comedically recreates the gag reflex anyone has when unexpectedly swallowing a bug.

The spot ends with the sidecar attached to a big rig, but floating at cabin height well above the road. “Whenever you hit the road, be confident we’re on it with you,” she says.

FCB said the sidecar will be featured in other campaigns and creative using Fountain Tire associates delivering any product or service message, including commercial trucking and farming.

And we quote: “Tire and auto-service can feel overwhelming for drivers. But with Fountain Tire, they’re always close by when you need help with your vehicle,” said Jeremiah McNama, FCB’s executive creative director. “Of course, we had to do it in the Fountain Tire way — a clear and simple message with a solid dose of fun and humour for good measure.”

David Brown