Havergal College shows what progress looks like

Toronto private girls’ school Havergal College has released a new advertising campaign by Angry Butterfly.

The “What Progress Looks Like” platform is designed to be a multi-year campaign, reflecting Havergal’s values of integrity, inquiry, compassion and courage.

“It was really important for us to showcase the themes and values we heard in our meetings with Havergal staff, students, parents and alumni”, said Kristian Visconti, group strategy director at Angry Butterfly, in a release. “With such a long-standing history, some people have the misperception that it’s conservative or old fashioned, but what we experienced was a truly innovative, open environment, grounded in strong principles and genuine kindness.”

The launch campaign highlights the school’s innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and progressive teaching methods. Creative features real students, with an overlay of images that represent the curriculum and the school, such as STEM materials, musical notes, and hockey pucks.

“There is a boldness with this new creative that differentiates us from our competitors,” says Antonietta Mirabelli, Havergal’s executive director of marketing and communications. “It’s less about being edgy; rather, the ads underscore the conviction our students have in themselves, their abilities and their dreams. This new campaign honours them for who they are, and that feels good.”


David Brown