Desjardins opens doors for youth in new campaign

Who: Desjardins, with Bleublancrouge for strategy and creative, Les Enfants for production (directed by Le GED), with Glassroom for media.

What: “Find Your Way,” a new campaign for the bank’s “Together for our youth” program.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running across TV, out of home, social/digital, and Spotify.

Why: Each year, Desjardins commits more than $50 million to its “Together for our youth” program, which is dedicated to helping youth across four areas: education; employment and entrepreneurship; healthy lifestyles, and community involvement.

The program’s overarching goal is about supporting youth now, so they have the confidence to move forward into their own future.

“By giving them the resources they need to blossom in every area of their life, Desjardins wishes to help all young people—no matter their social or economic status—to grow and to realize their full potential,” said Laurence Lehmann, senior marketing advisor at Desjardins, in a release.

Many young people need help to find their way, and be challenged with new ideas to help them along their journey. That insight was behind the creative approach from BBR.

How: The campaign is built around the metaphor of doors being opened for youth. The anchor TV spot focuses on a teenage girl who appears lost and uncertain in a surreal library setting, surrounded by looming book shelves, until a friendly face points her toward a Desjardins green-coloured door. She runs through, and then keeps running through a series of life scenarios and doors into a brighter future.

The agency worked with the director Le GED, from Montreal-based production house Les Enfants, specifically for his “ultra-sophisticated and sometimes surrealist aesthetic” designed to give the ad a cinematic feel.

And we quote: “At some point in our journey, we’ve all needed somebody to be there for us, to help open the door for us. With this strong image, we wanted to show how Desjardins and its network of partners help youth find their way by giving them the tools they need to tackle life’s everyday obstacles. Because it often takes just one helping hand to help somebody carve out their path.” — Sébastien Rivest, creative director, Bleublancrouge



David Brown