TD’s easy approach to app banking

Who: TD Bank, with Ogilvy for strategy and creative, production by O Positive (directed by Brian Billow), with Unison for media.

What: “A Whole New World of Easy,” new advertising promoting the TD app, which combines basic banking, investing and rewards.

When & Where: The campaign is live now running across TV (until Dec. 4) and online video (until Feb. 12).

Why: According to Ogilvy, the average Canadian has 2.5 financial apps on their phone, meaning they have to toggle between apps to go from banking to managing investments. TD’s app lets customers do it all in one place. The app and the campaign promoting it are part of a specific strategic goal for TD, says Kelly Deuster.

“The big brand challenge is to build the innovation credentials for TD,” she said. “It hits really hard on the app, on innovation.”

How: The 30-second spot opens in an office with two co-workers discussing how the new TD app makes things easy for them because it provides access to banking, trading and rewards.

Another co-worker, who looks as young as his colleagues even though he’s dressed like a senior—and, it’s soon clear, acts like one too—chimes in: “You kids got it so easy,” he says before delivering an “in my day” speech about how exhausting app banking used to be.

We talk about innovation and the pace of change all the time, and often the strategic insight is that it makes us feel insecure and uncertain, said Deuster. But Ogilvy also found comedic fodder in the fact it can make us feel kind of old. “There’s some element of fun in that. We’re so excited for [innovation] and yet, it makes us feel old, really quickly.”

Beyond that, there’s a deeper message about the product / brand benefit provided by TD’s app—making life, or at least banking, just a little simpler. “There is rising anxiety about money complexity, and all of this inflation and interest rate stuff are accentuating that,” she said. “What we’ve heard is, you might not be able to solve the complexity of my money, but you can definitely help me simplify it.”

Is this what TD will look and feel like with Ogilvy? Yes and no. This is some of the first creative work from Ogilvy since winning the business late last year, but it’s not the big reveal of a new TD brand strategy, said Deuster. “We’re still in strategy and creative development for the next brand platform. Big brands should be thoughtful so that’s what we are doing and it’s quite exciting.” she said.

“What this [ad] does really well is stay true to TD as the approachable, more friendly bank—even when it comes to innovation, they are thinking about what it will allow people to do, and how it will make customers feel. They’ve always leaned into the lighthearted stuff. That has been true of the brand for a really long time.”

Quote: “Our customers’ needs are evolving and we are focused on continuing to deliver personal and connected experiences that help them bank when and how they want. Our TD mobile app provides our customers with simplicity and ease.” —Michael Armstrong, TD’s VP marketing, brand and corporate sponsorships







David Brown