The Globe and Mail reaches out to younger readers

Who: The Globe and Mail, with Naked Creative Consultancy for strategy and creative; Polyester Studio for animation; Grayson Music Group for audio, and VMC Media for media.

What: “Invest in You,” a campaign promoting the national daily’s extensive business and investing content, as well as its commitment to covering important subjects like tech, work, and personal finance, with a key goal of attracting younger readers to the brand.

When & Where: The campaign went live this week, running for four weeks across national specialty TV as a :30 and :15, supported by connected TV, online pre-roll, and cinema in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. It will be followed by out of home from Oct. 31 to Dec. 25.

Why: The quality of its business and investment reporting is something that sets the Globe apart from its rivals, said senior director of consumer marketing Lindsey Lowy.

This campaign reminds consumers that its business and investment content is not just for business leaders, but also younger Canadians who are grappling with everything from personal finances to a new investment portfolio.

“Business leaders know about us, but we want younger Canadians to know that we offer content to them, no matter where they’re at in their career or net wealth,” said Lowy. “We don’t want to tell people what to do, but we know if people have good quality information, they can make better decisions.”

The campaign is the latest work in a longstanding relationship between the Globe and Naked. “They trust us, we know their brand, so it’s worked out really well,” said Naked president Peter Shier.

How: Using the Globe‘s primary colours of red, black and grey, the animation features a young woman facing a host of financial decisions and challenges—from the cost of everyday items like food and gasoline, to rising rents and managing an investment portfolio.

The animation shows the challenges as a sheer wall the woman is attempting to scale, with the Globe‘s content and tools turning the obstacles into stepping stones that help her save for a first home, successfully navigate a career pivot, and make her money work harder.

The use of animation is a marked departure from the Globe‘s previous marketing, and represents an attempt to stand out from other advertising in the category, and present a more contemporary image, said Lowy. “It’s definitely a different look and feel for us, which I love,”  she said. “We loved the energy of it.”

And we quote: “The Globe and Mail is still the country’s pre-eminent business publication, and they just wanted to make more people aware of that. We tried to do something that was a little bit different and unexpected, and using animation seemed to be a way to  accomplish that.” — Peter Shier, president, Naked Creative

Chris Powell