Circonflex turns dummy text into a dance hit

Music and sound agency Circonflex has turned the language used to signify an unfinished project into an insanely catchy pop song specifically aimed at the creative community.

Working with creative agency LG2, Circonflex has created “Lorem Ipsong,” a song based on “Lorem ipsum,” the Latin-inspired dummy text used by the advertising and design industry to present project layouts without the distraction of actual words (a fulsome history of its evolution can be found here).

The creative message behind the campaign is that if Circonflex can turn something as rote as “Lorem ipsum,” into something so listenable, imagine what it can do when given a proper project.

“As musicians, our first objective was to create a catchy, memorable song that sticks in your head–there’s something simple yet magical about the main melody of the chorus,” said Circonflex founder and CEO Paul-Étienne Côté of the project.

“Secondly, we wanted to speak—or rather, sing—to creatives through a colourful pop song, turning the nonsense generic Latin text with which they work everyday into an ear-worm.”

Mastered at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, the nearly two-minute “Lorem Ipsong” sets language limited to previews of layouts to a thumping dance beat and a hip-hop breakdown. The accompanying video features a series of arresting visuals featuring the dummy text.

Côté, said that the project actually began during the first wave of Covid, and was intended to be released during the lockdown as a way of bringing some cheer to people in the creative industry. “But then the entire team got sooo busy, and it was only now that we could finally release,” he said. “But hey, a great song is good any day, right?”

The video is available on a dedicated microsite as well as in audio form on streaming platforms including Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. Circonflex is also running display ads and teasing the song on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

“We know that creatives are part of an international community and lorem ipsum is the universal language that we all use,” said Côté. “We made this track to bring the industry closer together around our shared language—the first song created just for creatives.”

Chris Powell