Goldfish ventures into the metaverse

There’s Goldfish in them thar hills. Goldfish Crackers is bringing consumers to Mega Bites Mountain with a new campaign that’s an extension of its “Mega Bites not Megabytes” campaign.

In its first foray into the Metaverse, the cracker brand this week unveiled a promotion inviting people to collect virtual Goldfish Mega Bites crackers that can be redeemed for a free bag of its new Goldfish Mega Bites crackers.

The promotion invites consumers to visit “Mega Bites Mountain” on the Decentraland platform to mine for the Goldfish Mega Bites. Players who collect all 22 digital crackers will also earn a special edition Goldfish Megabytes Wearable.

The promotion was created by Zulu Alpha Kilo in partnership with Metaverse Architects, a 3D modelling and game development studio for the metaverse that has worked with brands including Forever 21, Miami Fashion Week and the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

The broader campaign for Mega Bites, which are 50% larger than regular Goldfish crackers, is aimed at what the brand describes as a “digital-savvy adult audience” as it looks to make inroads with millennial adults. The metaverse campaign is being promoted through programmatic ads directed towards people with an affinity for gaming.

“At Campbells we’re always pushing ourselves to explore new channels,” said Paloma Bentes, marketing director for snacks at Campbell Company of Canada. “Given the recent growth in popularity of the metaverse, particularly amongst millennial adults, it was an interesting way for our brand to connect to a new audience. And the campaign big idea of ‘Mega Bites not Megabytes’ made it the perfect fit.”

The metaverse has been much-discussed over the past couple of years, but some people are also asking if the reality lives up to the hype. Those questions extended to Decentraland itself earlier this month, when DappRadar, which tracks NFT transactions, claimed that the company, which has a $1.2 billion valuation, had only 38 daily active users.

Several prominent media outlets, including The Verge, MSN and Newsweek reported on the data, but Decentraland disputed what it called “misinformation” with a blog post saying that in reality it has about 8,000 daily users. On Friday, DappRader reported that Decentraland had 821 daily active users.

Several major brands are currently active in Decentraland, including Samsung, Nike, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Louis Vuitton and even the famed auction house Sotheby’s. Earlier this year, McKinsey called marketing in the metaverse “an opportunity for innovation and experimentation.”

“Marketers would be remiss if they didn’t start exploring what the metaverse can offer,” it stated. “Now is the right time to adopt a test-and-learn mindset, to be open to experiments, and to move on quickly from failure and capitalize on success.”

Chris Powell