Harold courts Fred VanVleet and Matty Matheson to promote custom clothing line

Who: Harry Rosen, with Zulu Alpha Kilo for strategy and creative; Zulubot for production (directed by Juan Torres and Dane Boaz), with media from Horizon Media.

What: “Sketch it Out,” a new campaign promoting the menswear retailer’s custom clothing line Harold, featuring Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet and celebrity chef Matty Matheson.

When & Where: The campaign launched Oct. 21, running across TV/online video, social, digital display, out-of-home, and in-store.

Why: Harry Rosen launched Harold, which it describes as a “collaborative” clothing line, in May. Aimed at younger men, it is built around made-to-measure traditional and modern suits, as well as casual and business apparel, and ready-to-wear pieces that are being sold at a more accessible price-point.

In a release, Harry Rosen said that Harold was launched in response to growing consumer demand for more flexible and personalized wardrobes. According to The Deloitte Consumer Review, 49% of consumers want to invest in customized items.

How: The two 15-second ads feature VanVleet and Matheson, two men with markedly different body types, talking about how wearing custom clothing makes them feel more confident and contributes to their sense of overall wellbeing. Accompanied by a Succession-esque piano refrain, both videos feature imagery associated with a tailor, such as fabric swatches, a tape measure and scissors.

Wearing a custom-made outfit, VanVleet says that looking good leads to him both feeling good and playing good, while Matheson likens wearing a suit that fits him perfectly to a stew made by his mother—”something that fits right, that tastes right, that feels like you belong.” Matheson’s profile was given an extra boost in recent months after his small, but memorable, recurring role in the popular TV series The Bear.

“Harold is changing the custom-wear game and we were excited to partner with two icons, learn their style stories, and showcase their personal creations,” said Zulu Alpha Kilo’s executive creative director Wain Choi.

And we quote: “Culture is at the core of fashion, and Harold allows anyone to infuse their individuality into their wardrobes. We want to empower people to share inspiration from their own lives and celebrate who they are.” — Ian Rosen, president and chief operating officer, Harry Rosen

Chris Powell