Courage’s first campaign is a joyous ode to Nescafé

Who: Nestlé Canada, with Courage for strategy and creative, and IPG’s Thrive for media.

What: “World Says Coffee,” a 60-second spot that celebrates the worldwide popularity of Nestlé’s instant coffee brand Nescafé. The campaign is being described by Nestlé as “one of its biggest ever.”

When & Where: The campaign went live on Oct. 24, and is running on TV and as online video.

Why: According to Nestle, more than 5,500 cups of Nescafé coffee are consumed around the world every second, and in many places around the world, the brand is synonymous with coffee.

That popularity—across cultures and consumer sets—was the insight that shaped the new spot from Courage, the first work to come out of the six-month old agency.

“We know that Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world,” said Carm DaSilva, vice-president of beverages at Nestlé Canada. “This presents an incredible opportunity for Nescafé to not just connect with people who already have an affinity for our brand, but also leverage that love for the brand across the world to let all Canadians know that, ‘Hey, maybe you should give the world’s favourite cup of coffee a try.'”

How: To show Canadians how popular Nescafé is around the world, Courage created a fast-paced, energetic and upbeat ride around the world, stopping in four key markets of Latin America, Europe, East Asia and South Asia. The ad shows a quick-fire montage of a wide range of people—from street vendors and farmers, to hipsters hanging out and families chilling out—asking for and sharing a Nescafé.

There’s no narration or call to action. Instead, the spot ends with an on-screen message reminding people just how popular Nescafé is: “5,500 cups enjoyed every second… It’s how the world says coffee” before closing with the Nescafé logo.

The spot was shot by acclaimed director Omri Cohen and director of photographer Adam Richards entirely on 35mm film, with a 22-day shoot that included four far-flung markets—Mexico, Italy, Thailand, and India.

In a release introducing the new spot, Courage co-founder and CCO Dhaval Bhatt explained how he has fond memories of his mom making Nescafé when he was growing up.

“As we talked to more people, everyone seemed to have their own version of those memories associated with the brand,” he said. ”The way they make it differently in different cultures, or how it’s enjoyed differently in different parts of the world. We really wanted to celebrate this shared global experience of enjoying Nescafé in so many different ways.”

David Brown