Best Buy kicks off the Christmas season

Who: Best Buy, with DonerNorth for strategy and creative; Animals for production (directed by Chris Brown); with post-production by Married to Giants, The Vanity, Wingman, and Grayson Matthews; media by Media Experts.

What: The holiday campaign for the electronics retailer that shows how perfect gift can literally light up the holidays. (It’s also the first Christmas creative we’ve seen this year, coming to us on Halloween no less.)

When & Where: The campaign goes live Nov. 1 across TV and online video, supported by social executions.

Why: With the holidays returning to normal (we all hope) after the past two years were disrupted by the pandemic, DonerNorth created a campaign it describes as “an ode to the magic that sparks when you find the perfect gift,” as well as the special moments when someone actually opens the gift.

“We know the latest tech gifts are on the top of everyone’s list, and they always spark excitement,” said James Pelletier, director of marketing, Best Buy Canada, in a release. “We wanted to show how Best Buy has everything you need to bring home this holiday excitement, starting with employees who can help you find that perfect gift that will make your loved ones light up.”

How: The campaign is anchored by a 30-second ad (actually only 23 seconds with time at the end for product promotion). The spot opens with a woman finding the perfect gift for her son at a Best Buy store, with the rest of the ad showing how the gift is literally lighting up her Christmas, right up until Christmas morning.

“Christmas lights are the perfect, classic symbols of the holidays, and make for a fun way to show that ‘perfect gift magic’ coming to life,” said Jill Mack, creative director at DonerNorth. “It’s a fitting visual representation for that joy that starts building the moment you get your hands on a great gift. Its whimsy and playfulness feel right at home this time of year.“

David Brown