Sinai Health focuses on its collective strength

Who: Sinai Health Foundation, with Fuse Create for strategy, creative and media; Radke films for production; Vapor Music for audio and Outsider Editorial for editing. With PR support from H+K, Aber for social, and JAM Direct for email and direct marketing.

What: “See What We Can Do” an iteration of the organization’s previous brand platform “See What Care Can Do,” which debuted in 2020. It is Fuse Create’s first work for the Sinai Health Foundation since winning the account in June.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running across TV, out-of-home, print, and paid social, as well as direct mail. It will carry over into 2023, when it will be complemented by a campaign celebrating Sinai’s centenary.

Why: The slight tweak from the word “care” to “we” in the brand platform is intended to provide a broader perspective on the care provided by the hospital network, said Laura Hearn, vice-president of brand strategy and marketing at Sinai Health Foundation.

“Given what we’ve all been through in the past two-and-a-half years, we really wanted our story to focus on the impact of [our] care,” she said. “That means demonstrating what people have been able to achieve because of the care they’ve received.

“The message is very empowering, and lets us shine the light on our patients, as well as our physicians and nurses, while empowering our donors and volunteers to see what their contribution can make possible.”

In 2020, Sinai Health Foundation said its goal was to reach $100 million a year in donations by 2023. It surpassed that goal in its most recent fiscal year, and is tracking towards achieving it again this year. Key objectives for this year’s campaign include brand awareness and affinity, as well as engagement among both existing and new donors.

How: The creative approach is intended to demonstrate the breadth of care available through the facilities operating under the Sinai Health umbrella, using a pair of emotive spots showing cases requiring what Hearn described as “truly individualized, multi-disciplinary, collaborative care.”

One 15-second spot, for example, focuses on a patient named David, who had limb-saving surgery on his leg, and is now learning to walk again with assistance from the medical professionals at the Hennick Bridgepoint rehabilitation hospital. The spot also introduces viewers to his “lifelong dance partner” Lisa, who is overjoyed to see him on his feet again.

The second spot focuses on a woman named Ashley, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant and gave birth by C-section three weeks early.

“We really wanted to tell a story about the diverse and deep expertise we have in a variety of different areas,” said Hearn. The tone is similar to the previous campaign, she said, with a specific focus on “positive, optimistic and hope-filled stories.”

And we quote: “Building on the momentum of the ‘See What Care Can Do’ campaign, we wanted to dimensionalize that word ‘care’ a little for the viewer. By associating names, faces, and even symptoms to the care provided, we can bring that care to life, and demonstrate what ‘we’—the patients, doctors, nurses, therapists—can do.” — Steve Miller, executive creative director, Fuse Create


Chris Powell