Triple O’s wants to help people go OOO for lunch

The burger QSR Triple Os has launched a playful digital campaign inspired by a common lament about the modern working world: Being too busy for lunch.

Developed by One Twenty Three West, the “Triple O’s Lunch Blocker” is meant to make it easy for people to block off time in their digital work calendar and invite others to go OOO for lunch. Users visit and click “book me,” and the lunch appointment goes directly into their Google or Outlook calendar as “OOO Hour.”

The website doesn’t really make it much easier than blocking off time in one’s own calendar, but it’s a fun way to play with the OOO double meaning (a double triple entendre?).

The name Triple O’s has nothing to do with being out of office, of course; it’s the name of the secret sauce at White Spot, the popular parent brand of Triple O’s. The sauce was supposedly inspired by the circles on the order forms used by carhops when taking burger orders at drive-in restaurants.

In any case, it’s a way to good-naturedly position itself as an ally of overworked people who believe they deserve a break for lunch, so why not go to Triple O’s. The campaign also features paid online media, sponsored social posts, a contest, and organic postings.

“We’re big on lunch,” said Cathy Tostenson, vice-president of marketing for Triple O’s, in a release. “It’s important to be able to take a timeout for yourself—everyone deserves it. With the Lunch Blocker, we’re providing a fun and easy way to set aside that time to visit your local Triple O’s and enjoy your favourite burgers, fries and shakes.”

David Brown