Truss wants to make its presents felt this holiday season

When you consider the average rolling paper is about three inches by 1.5 inches, the new 11 inches by 17 inches rolling papers from Truss Beverage Co. are fit for a Snoop-sized blunt.

In an effort to encourage more Canadians to put a little THC under the tree this holiday season, the Cannabis beverage brand has introduced the “Rolling Wrapping Papers,” a series of brightly coloured wrapping papers specifically designed for its beverage portfolio.

A joint effort between Courage and PR firm Agnostic, the paper is designed for Truss’s House of Terpenes, Mollo, Little Victory and XMG brands. The paper, available in four patterns, is available free of charge at select cannabis retailers across the country.

The paper can help Truss products appear “more approachable” to people who might be intimidated by current packaging labels, said Lori Hatcher, head of commercial at Truss. The company is promoting the papers through PR, a video running across Truss-owned social channels, and an email blast.

Truss claims a 37.7% share of the cannabis beverage market in Canada, although the segment remains a small part of the cannabis industry. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that THC-infused beverages generate between $7 and $8 million a month in sales, accounting for between 1% and 2% of the approximately $4 billion legal cannabis market.

But Truss said the holidays represent an opportunity to make inroads with consumers. According to a recent study of 1,000 “cannabis non-rejectors,” 41% indicated that they would bring a cannabis beverage to a social occasion, while more than half (51%) would consider gifting a cannabis-related product this holiday season.

Presumably, though, that might also include a Willie Nelson album.

Chris Powell