A quirky spokesperson touts HelloFresh

Who: HelloFresh, with One Twenty Three West for strategy and creative; Drip Productions for production; School for editing; The Vanity for online.

What: “UnRoutine,” a campaign promoting the meal-kit service. It’s One Twenty Three West’s first time working with HelloFresh after winning the project last year.

When & Where: The digital campaign debuted on Jan. 2, led by a 90-second anchor spot that is being supported by a pair of 30-second ads highlighting the service’s ability to help with key aspects of family dinners, including meal planning and prep.

Why: The campaign is targeting people familiar with the HelloFresh brand, but have yet to try it, said Bryan Collins, founder and creative director at One Twenty Three West. The goal is to generate trial and get consumers to make HelloFresh part of their meal routine, with all of the advertising featuring a promo code redeemable for up to 20 free meals.

“What we’re trying to do is demonstrate the value of changing things up, and making meal planning and prepping a pleasurable experience,” he said. “The insight we came up with is that HelloFresh is the un-routine. There are some advantages to routine, but there are also advantages to the un-routine—the ability to discover and choose from new meals from new cultures, and inspiration you wouldn’t come up with on your own.”

How: The campaign is built around a series of three lighthearted spots featuring an enthusiastic HelloFresh spokesperson—played by Laura Tremblay—who’s really close (like really close) to the service’s customers, taking up temporary residence in their fridge, on a coat rack, and in a fruit bowl as she explains its benefits. “I’m here to take your dinner routine to the next level,” she says.

“They’ve had this meal 800 times,” she says as a woman robotically cuts cauliflower, and her family reacts with boredom. The spokesperson then points out that they’ve never had HelloFresh meals like beef bibimbap or shrimp tacos prepared in just 20 minutes.

The spots also highlight some of the benefits of HelloFresh, such as a meal package that shows up on time each week and provides users with whatever they need, “Instead of enough cilantro to feel a small army.” The spots also reference the variety of meals available through the service, and recipes easy enough to get the whole family involved in meal prep.

And we quote: “Getting stuck in a dinner rut is something anyone who’s ever made dinner every night can relate to. This campaign was a fun way to show how HelloFresh can get you out of it.” — Bryan Collins, founder and creative director, One Twenty Three West

Chris Powell