Two dairy marketers join forces and choose 123W to lead creative

Two of Canada’s dairy organizations have combined their marketing and selected One Twenty Three West as their new creative agency.

Last fall, BC Milk, BC Dairy, Alberta Milk, SaskMilk, and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba agreed to a new joint governance model that will see them share resources and expertise. As a result of the new arrangement, BC Dairy and Alberta Milk agreed to work together on marketing, which will be creatively led by the Vancouver based agency.

“One Twenty Three West has a very experienced team and we’re excited to work with them on a new approach to promoting dairy products in BC and Alberta,” said Jennifer Woron, director of market development at BC Dairy. “Through this partnership, we are excited about the potential to have a greater impact and do more on behalf of dairy farmers in BC and Alberta.”

The agency will embark on “a comprehensive exploration” of the market before beginning new work later this year. “We’re super excited to help build a strong reputation for BC Dairy and Alberta Milk in the market,” said Jonathan Longworth, partner and chief operating officer at One Twenty Three West, in the release. “And finding the right strategic path forward is the first step toward doing that.”

Previously, Venture Play (now part of Believeco) had been handling creative for Alberta Milk, while Taxi worked on the BC Dairy business. Both dairy organizations will continue to run campaigns from those agencies through the end of the year.

Top Photo: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

David Brown