Tangerine urges Canadians to make the move as the NBA trade deadline approaches

It’s the eve of NBA trade deadline day, when good players on awful to middling teams (oh hey, Raptors) are bracing for the possibility that they’re going to be moved to another city.

It’s not always about the money for players who are making bazillions of dollars, but a well-timed campaign for Tangerine is showing that the money can be a big factor in consumers’ decision to switch banks.

The “Make the Move” from John St. features a mock press conference in which a man explains to the media why he decided to switch to Tangerine.

Lead character “Craig M.” just might be the most non-NBA-looking dude ever (outside of possibly the Bucks’ Joe Ingles) but Tangerine makes sure we don’t mistake him for an actual pro ball player with a disclaimer at the bottom of the video, informing those who bother with such things that he’s “not intended to depict an NBA player.”

Over the course of the 30-second spot, Craig tells the media why he’s switching to Tangerine now. He signed with his other bank right out of school, he says, but he’s got a family to think about now. It’s not about the money, he suggests, although Tangerine’s savings rate “doesn’t hurt.”

“We realized that the reasons why you’d sign with a new bank and sign with a new basketball team are almost identical,” said John St.’s executive creative director, Jamie Marcovitch. “Changing needs, a brighter future, and of course, more money.”

“This basketball trade season, our team at Tangerine Bank is showcasing why consumers should make the switch,” added Tangerine CMO Nicole German. Playing off our partnership with the NBA, WNBA and, of course, as the official bank of the Toronto Raptors and their fans, we are excited to promote ‘trade season’ in our latest campaign.”

Meanwhile, we’re still mentally preparing ourselves for OG Anunoby’s presser.

Chris Powell