How one home for seniors is offering new residents a ‘Fresh Start’

Who: The Residence at Littledale, with Ray Agency for strategy and creative; Accomplice Content for production; Pulse Media and Mobile Guest for media.

What: “Fresh Start,” an awareness campaign for the St. John’s-based seniors’ residence, with a goal of driving awareness and leads.

When & Where: The campaign debuted late last month on digital and social, with TV, radio, and out-of-home following on Feb. 13.

Why: A long life typically means a lot of possessions, from furniture, to art and books. But as older Canadians contemplate leaving behind their home for a seniors’ residence, all of that “stuff” can become a significant barrier—leading many seniors to put off the decision to move because they’re reluctant to part with their possessions.

The creative strategy from Ray Agency is to present the idea of moving into a seniors’ home as something to be celebrated, with the purging of the various personal and household items that have accrued over the years representing a fresh start.

How: The campaign is led by an anchor spot called “The Cleanse.” Soundtracked by an instrumental version of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” it shows an older woman culling her collection of 45s, porcelain figures, books, etc. in preparation for a move to the Residence at Littledale, opting only to keep the things—in this case a teapot—that truly bring her joy.

Radio spots continue the theme, with spots introducing a woman whose wallpaper dates back to the Joey Smallwood era and another woman whose house contains various forms of bric-a-brac, like a scented candle with no wick (or scent) and a drawer full of “previously loved” sandwich bags.

One spot, told from the perspective of a son helping his father clean out his dad’s house in preparation for the move into The Residence at LIttledale, introduces the facility’s new Moving Concierge service that provides practical information, planning tools and ongoing support for seniors and their families.

And we quote: “We wanted to reframe this transition [to a seniors’ residence] from something that is dreaded to something that is celebrated, and be the catalyst to start a real, meaningful conversation about this important time of transition as a fresh start.” — Terri Roberts, creative director, Ray Agency


Chris Powell